James Franco Jumping Rope (*)

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James  exercising and checking messages on his phone (*)

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James Franco at the Today Show  May 14- 2014 (*)

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Conan asks Dave if he knew about James’ almost nude selfie and if there’s a way he could stop it. 


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James Franco as James Dean

Happy 36th Birthday, James Edward Franco (April 19th, 1978)


"I would tell my younger self, ‘Relax. Have a good time. Don’t take yourself so seriously and you’ll be a lot happier.’ 

↳ Happy 36th birthday to James Franco (April 19, 1978)

Happy 36th Birthday, James Franco!


“I’m addicted to coffee (black), school, movies, books, and art. It’s funny how nothing is exempt from being called an addiction nowadays. As if these obsessions are taking me away from my “real” life. They are my fucking real life, so if I spend all my time on them, good, I’m glad I’m addicted.” 

Happy 36th birthday to James Franco (April 19, 1978)

James Franco promotes Gucci’s Techno Color sunglasses (*)


franco. you see that candid camera video of him trying on skinny jeans? shit is hilarious.

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